Chief Executive Officer, Horizon Develop Build Manage - President, Horizon Development Group, Inc.

Mick Hintz, Principal, CEO of Horizon Develop Build Manage, and Horizon Development Group, Inc., oversees the firm’s estimating and pre-construction services. With more than 30 years of industry experience in both development and construction, Mick leads the company’s efforts in estimating, contract review, and design coordination for both internal and third-party development projects. His experience in a variety of project types allows him to assist clients from the initial concept phase and throughout the design.

In his previous role as Director of Pre-Construction Services, Mick was responsible for the maintenance of budgets and historical cost data, sales, consultant meetings, managing the transition of projects to the construction and operations team, and creating design standards for Horizon Development Group, Inc.

Prior to joining Horizon in 2012, Mick was an Estimator and Project Manager, and Director for a large Hospitality Developer working on projects around the country.

Mick has participated in several organizations including the Associated General Contractors of America, World Waterpark Association, and IAAPA.