Chief Executive Officer, Horizon Develop Build Manage - President, Horizon Development Group, Inc.

Mick Hintz, Chief Executive Officer and President of Horizon Development Group, Inc, has over 30 years of industry experience in development, construction, and operations. Mick is responsible for communicating and implementing the vision and direction of Horizon. His overall experience in multiple areas of real estate allows Mick to help integrate the development, construction, and management teams and increase efficiencies across all business units. Before taking over leadership at Horizon, Mick was responsible for developing the pre-construction division at Horizon. Work included the management of project budgets and historical cost data, sales, consultant meetings, and operations team and creating design standards for Horiozn Development Group, Inc. Before joining Horizon in 2012, Mick worked in construction and development for several large regional Construction and Development firms. Mick has participated in professional organizations including the Associated General Contractors of America, World Waterpark Association, and IAAPA.