Our Story

Horizon Develop Build Manage was established in 1984 as Horizon Investment & Development Corporation by Chuck Heath and his partners.

In 1996, Horizon established three entities to distinguish its services:

Horizon Development Group, Inc. (HDG)
Horizon Construction Group, Inc. (HCG)
Horizon Management Services, Inc. (HMS)

While these remain separate entities, our overall goal is to integrate and promote all three companies as a single brand that promises — and delivers — value to our clients. In doing so, we can assist clients in nurturing their projects from vision to reality, while saving them  time and money.

By integrating Horizon’s three entities, our clients can maximize a project’s value, while ensuring the project is completed within budget, on-time and delivered while exceeding client expectations.

Horizon Development Group, Inc.

Horizon Development Group, Inc. finds and evaluates new development opportunities and provides third-party development services.

Horizon Development has industry expertise in:

  • Senior Housing
  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Commercial Properties
  • Hospitality & Indoor Waterparks

Horizon Construction Group, Inc.

Horizon Construction Group, Inc. was established in 1996, after our leadership team became dissatisfied with general contractors not completing work on time or within budget.

Our leadership team knew that they wanted Horizon to establish a construction presence early on in the design phase to help streamline the development process and assist in the pre-construction phase. In doing so, Horizon quickly realized projects were being delivered 100% on time, within budget parameters, and providing the client with a higher economic value.

Horizon Construction has extensive experience in:

  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Senior Housing
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Hospitality & Indoor Waterparks

Horizon Management Services, Inc.

Horizon Management Services, Inc. provides third-party property management and compliance services. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of dedication and commitment to all our properties and their individual ownership groups.

Horizon Management Services has extensive experience in:

  • Affordable & Market Rate Senior Communities
  • Affordable & Market Rate Multi-Family Communities
  • Commercial Properties


Walnut Glen will be a wood-frame, over garage housing 87 one- and two-bedroom mixed-use senior apartments. Walnut Glen will also offer 14 affordable multifamily townhomes.

Walnut Glen broke ground in April 2021. The townhomes were completed in late Winter 2021 and the senior apartments will be complete in Spring 2022…

Walnut Glen 04