Design With Horizon

Design Assist Services

Horizon’s strength in a Design Assist role is to bring team knowledge to the project as early as possible. Establishing a team in the early phases creates long-term project value, exceeding what is possible when a team is formed later during the bid process.

In our experience, establishing a team during project conception allows for more design options and value engineering. This team includes the:

  • Developer

  • Architect

  • Engineers

  • Contractor

  • Property Manager

Waiting until the bid process restricts owner options, allows fewer value-added options, and inhibits substantive cost savings. 

Working with Horizon in a Design Assist capacity will introduce all players to the project early, maximizing project value and reducing the overall project schedule.




Walnut Glen will be a wood-frame, over garage housing 87 one- and two-bedroom mixed-use senior apartments. Walnut Glen will also offer 14 affordable multifamily townhomes.

Walnut Glen broke ground in April 2021. The townhomes are now completed and are ready for immediate occupancy.

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