Develop with Horizon

Development Services

Horizon has developed a proprietary and comprehensive process that systematically advances a client’s potential project through all phases of development. Decades of developmental experience are wrapped into various line items of our custom tracking tool, which integrates all development team members’ responsibilities for the project. Our process ensures that each project is tracked in terms of schedule, budget, feasibility and client sign-offs.

This integrated approach:

  • Differentiates our service platform
  • Assists in bringing project vision to reality, on schedule and within budget
  • Strengthens client relationships


Walnut Glen will be a wood-frame, over garage housing 87 one- and two-bedroom mixed-use senior apartments. Walnut Glen will also offer 14 affordable multifamily townhomes.

Walnut Glen broke ground in April 2021. The townhomes are now completed and are ready for immediate occupancy.

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