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Construction Services

As owners ourselves, we know the importance of a quality build to ensure long-term use — quality building is intelligent building!

Horizon effectively and efficiently manages project budgets by closely working with the design team. In doing so, we provide an integrated and comprehensive approach, including:

  • Pre-construction
  • Estimating
  • Cost control
  • Site management & safety


Horizon has a wealth of experience to keep your project moving forward, from managing conceptual site planning, to building design and entitlement processes. During pre-construction, our team takes a leadership role to help guide the project through all approvals and decisions required, allowing us to estimate and plan accordingly for the entire project.


The estimating group provides detailed cost estimates throughout the pre-construction phase and each item will be clearly stated in the budget.

As the building design moves forward, we will provide estimate updates to reflect the most recent modifications. The budget will remain intact throughout the construction process and the client will not experience cost surprises in the end.

Cost Control

Horizon has developed outstanding relationships with many subcontractors and vendors in an array of markets locally, regionally, and nationally. This gives us purchasing power, which allows us to keep our costs down and deliver value to our clients.

Site Management & Safety

Our knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly field team supervises and manages each project to protect the interests of the client and provide the highest quality product within an aggressive schedule.

Horizon is committed to high standards of safety on all construction projects. Our superintendents are fully trained in all aspects of OSHA and each subcontractor on-site must abide by our safety policies.

Project Completion

Horizon believes in 100% project completion. Each project turnover includes, but is not limited to:

  • A detailed punch list inspection
  • Staff training on equipment operation
  • Delivery of all operating and maintenance manuals
  • Video training of all the major building systems

Following turnover, Horizon will periodically check on the project over the course of a year to make sure everything is working as designed.

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Bayview is a unique rejuvenation of a city block. The new construction and expansion of Bayview will increase the number of residents from 277 to 500, with an additional 28 apartments. This sustainable, energy-efficient, and green-built project has heavily relied on community engagement and input, allowing for a plan that addresses the cultural and individual needs of residents and the neighborhood. The community center has also increased by nearly 120%, to 11,000 square feet. The final stage of the project will feature a large playground, surface and underground parking, community green space, gardens, walking paths, and a basketball court.