Originally published in the Wisconsin State Journal on March 3, 2019.

MADISON, WI – Employee feedback was at the heart of the rankings in Top Workplaces 2019 – and many of those employees underscored some of the central components of an exceptional workplace.

From that outpouring of opinion, here is a sampling of what they had to say:

BrightStar Care

“I am able to express myself creatively while benefiting others and making a positive difference in the residents’ and staff’s lives.”


“The team is great, the benefits are great, pay is great, and I feel as though my managers give me the room necessary to do my job without being overbearing.”

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.

“They appreciate and always tell me that I do a great job. Even the executives know my name and personally email me with gratitude.”

Widen Enterprises Inc.

“I have freedom to make decisions with users in mind while collaborating with my team.”


“I am given the runway to explore new things and venture into unknown territories.”

Heartland Credit Union

“Unlike other financials where I have worked, I am encouraged to find meaningful, lasting, out-of-the-box solutions to the challenges my members face.”

Temperature Systems Inc.

“The staff is great to work with and management is caring, flexible and supportive.”

Palmer Johnson Power Systems

“There is genuine care for and by everyone that works here. It feels like a big family here!”

Epic Systems

“I’m given a large amount of latitude and freedom to make the correct decisions. That freedom and latitude come with corresponding responsibility, which shows Epic’s trust in my decision-making skills.”

Propeller Health

“My boss is a great mentor to me and an excellent example of an authentic leader and executive coach.”

Design Concepts

“I work with a ton of smart people doing really cool things. I have the freedom to experiment. I am given positive feedback.”

ACS Inc.

“My employers have demonstrated they appreciate my efforts and give me all the resources needed to succeed. I work with excellent, intelligent but yet down-to-earth people.”

The Douglas Stewart Co.

“Management is flexible with bringing in pets and encouraging me to maintain work-life balance.”

Horizon Develop Build Manage

“Everyone pulls their own weight. We help each other out. The environment is fun, but each person works harder than any other job I have ever worked at. Everyone lives by Horizon’s mission statement.”

LSM Chiropractic

“I love being a chiropractor in a positive, fun group setting.”

RenewAire LLC

“We have a mission I believe in and we are focused on achieving it.”


“I feel like I can share my ideas openly, and that I can ask questions without fear of being made to feel stupid.”

UW Credit Union

“I have been able to grow and learn to do things which I never imagined I would be able to do.”

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